Swim glides into State


Olivia Walter

Junior Victoria Sanaikone breaststrokes during the State competition.

Anjali Sundaram, Reporter

The cool water washed over her as she glided steady through the water, coming up for breaths every thirty seconds, she made her way down the line. Lap after lap she swam, feeling the exhilarating power of her arms and legs fighting the ever present current of the stagnant water. Finally, she moves deliberately forward, placing her hand on the wall and standing next to the wall. She did it.

This year, the swim team has gone through some changes such as the arrival of the new coach, Dean Lackey.

“It’s really different having a new coach because we are trying to get to know him and figure out how he works and how he teaches,” sophomore Chandler Hudges said.

The 2015-16 year has incited many changes for the girls, as they made it to state placing 10 overall out of 50 teams.

“State was super fun,” Hudges said. “I went last year as a freshman and it was cool to go again as a sophomore. Since only six of us went, we all grew really close and formed a tight bond.”

One of the six girls to go was junior Victoria Sanaikone, who explains her favorite part about going to state. The season starts out easy, according to Sanaikone.

“The season starts out easy because everyone is getting back and then it progressively gets harder and harder,” Sanaikone said.

While state is an achievement in itself, junior Kristen Peron explains the steps they had to take to get where they are.

“Before meets the team usually gets together a couple nights prior to, and we all eat a ton of carbs because those are a good energy source during meets,” Peron said. “We also get extra rest during our practices so we don’t over work our muscles before our race.”

Swim meets last a typical two days, with prelims one day and finals the next. State worked pretty much the same way for the girls this year. Hudges explains what she would love to see next year.

“I would love to see more of my teammates competing at state next year,” Hudges said.

This year was a string of wins and losses for the girls, but they did place well in state.

“My favorite part about the season was all of the friendships that came out of the team, because the bonds that we formed will last a lifetime,” Hudges said.