The Fastest Game on Two Feet

Girls Lacrosse Team Talks About Their Season


Courtesy of Kamryn Kramer

Sophomore Kamryn Kramer skillfully keeps the ball away from her opponent. “[The hardest part of] lacrosse is defense,” Kramer said. “Also having the endurance to run back and forth on midfield especially if you are playing a hard team.”

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter

With spring finally here, the fastest game on two feet is now in session. The girls’ lacrosse team has been working hard to make sure they have a winning season of these players is sophomore Kamryn Kramer.

“My mom got me into lacrosse,” Kramer said. “[She] started me when I was four years old and has been my coach ever since. The game starts off with two people taking the draw at the center of the field, then whichever team gains possession takes it down to the opposing goal and tries to score.”

One of Kramer’s teammates senior Leah Bodnar fell in love with lacrosse despite initially disliking it.

“I remember going to [a lacrosse] clinic and hating it because I had to wear goggles,” Bodnar said. “ I wanted to wear a helmet so I could actually hit people. [Still], I ended up signing up for my first season of lacrosse that year in the spring of fifth grade and after the first game, where I scored the first goal of the game, I decided I wanted to keep playing.”

Besides playing the actual game, one of Kramer’s favorite things about the sport is to be around the team. Not only does the team function well on the field, but they also have worked to bond and grow closer together outside of lacrosse.

“Playing lacrosse with my friends makes me really happy and is just something I can do to get my mind off stuff,” Kramer said. “Everyone on the team knows each other well and that is because we do a lot of team bonding [such as] sand volleyball and captain’s practices.”

The girls lacrosse team has started out the year strong with a record so far of 3-1. Kramer plays midfield for the team.

“I’m [sometimes the person] that does the center draw,” Kramer said. “[Other times] I’m one of the two people that sets up on the circle that surrounds the center.”

Lacrosse is no easy feat. This sport requires constant motion and quick second decisions. During the game, there are 12 players on the field: four attackers, three midfielders, four defenders, and a goalie. 

“[The hardest part of] lacrosse is defense,” Kramer said. “Also having the endurance to run back and forth on midfield especially if you are playing a hard team.”

Despite defense being the hardest part, senior Brecken Hare said that she loves being able to play on the defensive side. Not only that but playing defense is her favorite part of the game.

“I play defense, so I think my favorite thing is the feeling I get when I know I’m playing good defense and shutting the other team out,” Hare said. “A successful defensive team will have high communication and will be able to cause turnovers and shut the other team down from scoring.”

The girls lacrosse team said that they are looking forward to their season and are excited to face some of their biggest competitors such as Westlake and Vandergrift.

“[Our games have gone] pretty good so far,” Hare said. “The season just started, but I believe we have a pretty promising season ahead of us.”