The Fight Returns

Softball Prepares For Season


Photo Courtesy: Kaia Oberg

Senior Kaia Oberg swings the bat as fast as she can. As the ball is soaring through the air, she sprints to first base. “The adrenaline in the box is unshakable, it’s an outnumbered battle,” Oberg said. “It’s you versus the nine defenders on the field.”

Ava Callaway, Reporter

As softball games begin, the team hopes for a successful season, according to Head Coach, Cami Jenschke. With a couple scrimmages and games already in the books, the team is looking forward to this season compared to last year. 

“The best part of softball season to me is watching the softball players grow as softball players and teammates throughout the season,” Jenschke said. “I especially enjoy watching girls who are newer to the sport improve and gain confidence.”

The previous season was a disappointing one, according to Jenschke and her hope is to be more consistent this year. 

“The season last year started out really well and then we kind of went off the rails,” Jenschke said. “We finished practically one loss out of the playoffs, so it was disappointing for all of us.”

In order to be consistent and have a successful season, the team has to work together for every practice and game, according to Jenschske. 

“I want the students to genuinely get along and value each other,” Jenschke said. “I feel like last year there was some conflict between the girls. I would like to not have that this year.”

For senior Kaia Oberg, she agrees that last year’s team was inconsistent. Because she is in a leadership role in the outfield, she hopes for a successful season ahead especially being one of two seniors on the team. 

“I’m in a leadership role as a senior, my biggest goal is to lead these girls in doing the little things right, taking coaches right, playing the game right,” Oberg said. “With having a younger program this year it’s all about testing the waters and grinding through the mistakes. We are not seen by many as weak and not talented. If this team is going to represent anything it’s going to be fight. I can’t wait to leave it all out there for one last season.”

A theme of last season has been the dominant presence of upperclassmen. To have balance on the team, there has to be a balance of leadership and work ethic. Everyone knows the saying “You are just as strong as your weakest teammate.” and that’s exactly what situation they are in, according to Jenschke. 

“With having six senior starters last year, we basically had to redo our whole defense and offense this year,” Oberg said. “After losing our playoff spot, we are hungry for more. We might not have the talent we did last year, but we are hoping to surprise some people.”

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