Undefeated CPFB wins state game, finishes season 16-0


Taylor Rowe

On Dec. 19 CPFB took on the state game at NGR Stadium in Houston. The team runs out on the field for the beginning of the game. “I had a lot of butterflies from excitement and the realization that we were at state,” senior Garrett Yero said. “Once we warmed up I felt comfortable and ready for the game.”

Emilee Guernsey, Editor

Winning 16 consecutive games, CPFB finished off the season with an undefeated record and a state championship title. On Dec. 19 the T-Wolves beat Frisco Lonestar 22-6 in the NRG Stadium in Houston, taking the 5A-II title.

CP was the first high school in UIL history to win both band and football state championships in the same year. Head football coach Carl Abseck shared how great of a feeling it was to be the first to break that record.

“It represents our school and our community,” Abseck said. “It gives us a lot of recognition and pride for our community and school, and it’s a great payout for a lot of hard work that both groups put in. It’s neat to be a part of something like this.”

During the state game, CPFB was held from scoring until the second quarter. According to sophomore quarterback #1 Mak Sexton, the turning point of the game came around when CP recovered a fumble for a touchdown.

“I think Mac McCaskill’s fumble return really turned the momentum in our favor,” Sexton said. “Then Tommy Lavine’s touchdown at the end of the game was really the final blow.”

Frisco was held to two field goals, and no touchdowns. Senior running back #34 Garrett Yero was proud to only have let Frisco get six points in the entire game.

“It’s a great accomplishment knowing how great of a team they were and how difficult it would be to achieve on a level where they could only score two field goals,” Yero said. “Our defense was well prepared for that challenge.”

Sexton also shared the same feeling.

“I think that it shows just how good our defense is,” Sexton said. “Frisco’s offense was loaded with talent and they had been scoring a ton of points in previous games, but our defense completely shut them down.”

In the days leading up to the state game, CPFB trained as they usually would. Sexton stated the team’s goals from the beginning.

“All of our training was for the state game,” Sexton said. “Our goal from the the beginning was to get to state and win this time.”

While CP’s main goal was to win state from the beginning, Yero shared the goal for all the seniors.

“Our focus and effort doesn’t really waver between each game,” Yero said. “All the seniors were well aware about how important it was to finish the season with our final goal in mind which was to not only be 1-0 at the end of the game, but 16-0 for the season.”

Just as Sexton said, Abseck also agreed that the goal from the beginning was to get back to state, but not for redemption.

“I felt like we had an opportunity to make it all the way from the beginning,” Abseck said. “We had a good group of kids coming back and our senior leaders were phenomenal. You’re goal is always to try and win a state championship or be able to play for one. I felt like we had a chance, but there are a lot of things that go into making that happen. It wasn’t a total surprise that we came this far, but it’s obviously a blessing.”

The undefeated season was the first in CP football history.

“It’s an awesome feeling to be 16-0,” Abseck said. “It’s a combination of 12 months of work. It all comes down to the season that you play. Our kids started working on that Jan. 4 of last year with off season, spring football and summer conditioning. You then play your season schedule in hopes of getting the opportunity to play for a state championship.”

With it being Yero’s senior year, he was happy to be able to complete his football career at CP with a state championship.

“It’s a great feeling, almost surreal because of how fast time has passed by, but there are no doubts or questions left behind,” Yero said. “I’m glad I get to say that I was a part of this senior class and all that we achieved.”

Not only did CP win a state championship, but Abseck also won Cen Tex coach of the year.

“We talk to our kids all the time about how individual recognition comes from team success and so anytime someone is recognized, whether it’s me as a coach or a player it’s only because of the team,” Abseck said. “My goal is to be the best coach I can be for this team and those accolades that come with it always come with the feeling and the knowledge of something that wasn’t obtained by myself, but that it was a team accomplishment.”

When asked about next football season and the effect the state championship might have on the boys, Abseck responded that each season is different.

“A good team never thinks about the year before,” Abseck said. “The team that played on Dec. 19 will never play again. Every year is a new year with new dynamics and you have to go out and earn your own weight with our new team which we will have in 2016.”