Volleyball spikes up in won games


Janet Nava

Spiking the ball, junior middle blocker Luci Albertson makes a point against East View on Oct. 3. The Lady Timberwolves won three sets out of five. “It was a great game for me,” Albertson said. “I wasn’t feeling my best that day so winning was a great feeling afterwards.”

Janet Nava, Reporter

The cheers of the crowd, the squeaks of shoes and balls cutting the air; Volleyball season is back and starting off their season with a 20 winning games. Yet the Varsity team recently lost to Georgetown on Sept. 25 and lost the second and third sets.

“I felt like they were a good team, and we played a good game, but we let up and got outplayed towards the end,” junior middle blocker Luci Albertson said. “We do have a lot of new people playing and adjusting to the new level of play, so it can be difficult at times.”

Last Friday on Sept. 18, the Varsity team beat Vandegrift at Vandy’s home court. They played them to four sets and won three, winning the game overall.

“I’d say it was a step in the right direction,” Albertson said. “Our season has had so many ups and downs, and Vandegrift is good, so I think it was a confidence builder for the team overall.”

Along with all the achievements, the team has recently gotten new players that have moved up from JV volleyball

“Having new players gives us a different dynamic than the team last year,” junior middle blocker Alana Geymer said. “Everyone brings something different to the table so it’s fun getting to know each player’s style of the game.”

The Lady Timberwolves played Marble Falls on Sept. 29 at the Timber Dome and won after playing three sets.

“It felt really great to beat Marble Falls,” sophomore outside hitter Alexis Cheatum said. “I think it was a great win in order to bounce back from our Georgetown loss and prepare for our East View game.”

This past Oct. 2 the Lady Timberwolves  played East View at the Timber Dome and won three out of five sets.

“I felt like we had control of the game about 95% of the time” Albertson said.” “But there were a couple of points where we would find ourselves on our heels with a tough serve but I think we did a good job of recovering each time.”

The Lady Timberwolves next game will be against Leander at the Timber Dome on Oct. 9.