Alex Mendoza, Sports Reporter

Hey, I’m Alex Mendoza. As a junior this year this is my first year on the Wolfpack staff, but I’m very excited to start building my reputation as a writer. I’ve loved writing since elementary school and I’ve always wanted to do it professionally. I try all kinds, including screenwriting, songwriting and writing novels (three of which I’m working on right now). Besides writing, I also play piano, produce beats and write songs on the side, and in the future I also hope to direct, produce and score my own short film. I play basketball on weekends and listen to music almost all hours of the day. My favorite music includes hip hop (NOT radio hip hop), 70s soul, jazz, funk, electronic and world music. A job that I would really like to have besides music producer or novelist is to be a writer for XXL magazine. My dad was in the army and became a Texas Ranger (not the baseball team), and my mom teaches third grade at Naumann Elementary. I aspire to major in English at the University of Texas at Austin, Baylor University or Angelo State University.