Tiffani Randolph, Photography/Web Manager

Hi I’m Tiffani, but you can spell it ending with “y, ie, ee, etc” it’s all the same to me. I’m a SENIORRR, it’s my third year on staff and I’m the Photography and Website manager on the Wolfpack. I live for the memories in life with no strings attached. I will be taking pictures constantly of everything because it’s my goal to successfully make a scrapbook of my entire senior year…so uh we’ll see how that goes. I work at Ernie Reyes World Martial Arts so yes, I totally go hardcore. Rocking out to sweet tunes in my car is definitely a high point of my day.  I spend most of my money on slurpees from 7-11, but I promise, it’s not a waste. I’m a total gamer I absolutely love xbox soo you should give me your gamertag and we can play sometime. I’m almost never at school but all my absences are fully excused, I definitely never skip promise. Let’s talk kay? (: