The Wolfpack

They’ve Got Spirit, How ‘Bout You?

Photo by Katelyn Tschoerner

Callie Copeland, Reporter

September 20, 2018

Metal Shop. The T-Wolf Rumble. Pinkies intertwined as the crowd sings “Forever Cedar Park High.”  These traditions are what hold together the student body during Friday Night Lights. They unite 250 band students marching on the field, the 27 cheerleaders standing in the sidelines and the 42 celeb...

ACL Preview

Savannah Burchfiel

October 11, 2012

Named the Live Music Capitol of the World, Austin boasts a plethora of music venues and festivals each year. This season brings one of the biggest festivals, one that combines the city with its famous association with music. It's time for the Austin City Limits music festival.  Festival goers come...

Bands Go Digital

Alex Mendoza

February 24, 2012

     In the Information Age, music trends change more rapidly than ever before. Thanks to the convenience and escalation of the Internet, it’s become easier for local artists and bands to gain exposure, and in countries and places they otherwise never might have reached. Just five years ago, MySpace...

Boy bands unite

Alex Mendoza

April 1, 2011

     Grown up fans of ‘N Sync, the Backstreet Boys and Aaron Carter can finally dust off their CD players and flood their bedrooms with boy band music once again. These artists announced last January that they will be uniting for a comeback tour across America, performing all of their old hits...

Local band finds success sweet

Summer Stackhouse

January 14, 2009

On November 25, the members of Avenging Poor Yorick (Carl Romines, Kyle Duncan, Marshall Wilson, Peter Washington and Brad Zeis) played at Threadgills’ U18 Next Up Finale as the headliners, their biggest gig yet. This punk‑pop‑psychedelic‑funk ‑rock band was making its way to fame through appea...

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