The Wolfpack

Techniques discovered to genetically modify salmon; ITR: Is genetically modifying salmon appropriate?

Hannah Jane DeCiutiis, Jacob Correll, Richard Weeks

October 21, 2010

Intro by Hannah Jane DeCiutiis      With technological advances involving computers, phones, televisions, music players and an abundance of other things that affect human life, technological advances when it comes to food are a long time coming. In recent months, a company called AquaBounty Techn...

In The Ring: How should U.S. health care be reformed?

Nathan Smith, Natalie Herzig, Amberly Tabor

October 22, 2009

Nation divided over health care reforms in Congress By: Nathan Smith       Health care reform is one of the hottest topics in the country and one of the most hotly debated questions.  With the latest bill for health care reform now cleared by the Senate Finance Committee, it will continue...

In the Ring: Should school policies be made more lenient?

Lauren Kuerth, Megan Garza, Tristan Boyd, Colin Meier, Sarah Nation

January 29, 2009

  Imagine... by: Sarah Nation How often do we hear from our fellow students, “this place is a jail,” or that “the rules are ridiculous?”  Confusion abounds regarding changing standards for dress code as well as many of the common student rules and guidelines. To make matters worse, th...

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