The Wolfpack

New Set, Who This?

Giving a grand tour, junior Iriyana Lipkin shows off the newest features of the newly acquired KVUE set. The broadcast staff worked since late August on remodeling.

Jalen Gomez, Reporter

October 11, 2018

CPHS News is back and better than ever, partially through the addition of a brand new set gifted by a local news station, KVUE. The Wolfcast renovated their preexisting set in late August to make space and room adjustments to the new set that was donated in May. With the new set, several Wolfcast staff m...

Cedar Park Center breaks ice for new era

Zach DiSchiano

December 17, 2009

     The rapidly growing city of Cedar Park should expect even more inhabitants with the new Cedar Park Center that opened up in late September. The building is located off 183A and New Hope Road and the arena holds up to 8,700 people for concert venues and 6,800 for hockey games. There was talk...

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