New Set, Who This?

Broadcast Aquires Brand New Set From KVUE


Photo courtesy of Paige Hert

Giving a grand tour, junior Iriyana Lipkin shows off the newest features of the newly acquired KVUE set. The broadcast staff worked since late August on remodeling. “I think it’s super generous for KVUE to recognize the potential in their old set by giving it to us,” Lipkin said. “We definitely have made this set our own and I think the coolest part about it is that we used talents from many programs in the school to help and contribute making this set our own.”

Jalen Gomez, Reporter

CPHS News is back and better than ever, partially through the addition of a brand new set gifted by a local news station, KVUE. The Wolfcast renovated their preexisting set in late August to make space and room adjustments to the new set that was donated in May.

With the new set, several Wolfcast staff members have said that it is making their shows not only look nicer, but also have a fresh, new layout for the school to enjoy.

“My initial reaction to seeing the set was mostly just a sudden burst of excitement,” junior anchor Evan Vines said. “I feel really lucky that I get to be anchoring in such a beautiful set and KVUE was super generous to donate it to us.”

The previous set used to be plain, with a green desk that spelled out “CPHS News” in wooden letters. To acquire KVUE’s professional desk setup, broadcast adviser Anthony Garcia said that it was a fairly simple process.  

“I literally just emailed them and asked if we could have it,” Garcia said. “The worst they could say is no, so why not shoot your shot?”

After getting approval from KVUE, there were several logistics to sort out. The old set room had to go through a lengthy remodeling process, including breaking down a wall to fit the new pieces of the set. Vines said that the renovations made for a very different studio.

“This is definitely a major upgrade compared to the old set that we had in the past,” Vines said. “The desk is much more spacious and has a more professional look to it when compared to our old one.” 

Some staff members said that they feel the upgrade has brought a new sense of pride and professionalism to their staff since the set came from a news agency which they look up to.

“It’s really neat and I think it’s nice to know we are appreciated or noticed by actual professionals doing this as a career,” junior Executive Producer Makya Jordan said. “It’s so cool to be able to receive input from them about our shows and run from there.”

The broadcast team airs a Wolfcast on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Jordan said that having this new set pushes them to make it through any obstacle they run into during the show, because it exemplifies how far the group has come since the first airing of the Wolfcast.  

“I feel like we’ve come a long way from where we started regarding our skill and content,” Jordan said. “I think the new set almost acts as a morale boost when things get hard or stressful because if anything, it’s a reminder that we’ve come as far as we have and we can finish what we have started.”