The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Hands flying up and down the bass clarinet, Giovani Lang-pale belts out a tune within the confines of his personal practice room. “Its incredible,” Lang-pale said. “The feeling, the feeling that you feel whenever youre like, okay, I did this. Nice. That was good. Now I have to think about this. Okay, Im doing this. Look over there. Look at this. Its really cool to have your brain be able to process so many things simultaneously while youre running. Youre marching. Youre playing. And its really hard to. Which is what makes it fun, you know?”

Gio-Logical Legend

Cason Johnson, Reporter March 12, 2024

Silence fills the room as order of the judges, who stare across the room at the standalone figure. The player clutches his instrument close to his chest in anticipation, the instrument composed of a series...

Analyzing a gravestone, a student takes a picture for their elegy. The project was due Friday, November 11, and involved students visiting a graveyard, taking a picture of a gravestone and writing a poem about it. “My favorite part was really trying to put myself into the perspective of my poem, which was extremely eye opening,” alumni Hailey Bowerman said. “It really made me appreciate life and the people I love around me and it really opened my eyes to how precious life and love is, especially when we are young.”

To Write or Not To Write

Iliana Tangarova, Reporter December 1, 2022

Visiting a graveyard to write an elegy is pretty atypical for an English assignment. However, English teacher Michelle Iskra assigns this project every year in late October or early November encouraging...

Deciding what to wear in the morning felt like a minefield. Now, with the new dress code established a few years ago, students no longer have to tread lightly about what they will wear to school that day.

Dress Coded

Iliana Tangarova, Reporter November 18, 2022

One of my most memorable experiences at school was being dress-coded. You may ask, “What did you get dress-coded for?” It was a bra strap. My. Literal. Bra. Strap. Was. Showing. Apparently, the bra...

Waiting to be graded, the sewn fabric moles sit on top of the lab table. These mole projects revolve around teaching students more about moles with a creative approach. “I wanted them to learn something about perhaps an element they arent as familiar with,” Cieri said. “I also wanted them to understand how all the elements have different masses.”

A Mole Kingdom

Aahana Mulchandani, Reporter October 29, 2021

English teachers use essays, math teachers use homework and chemistry teacher Christopher Cieri uses mole projects to teach students. Moles, not the animal, are a scientific unit of measurement used to...

Caffeine vs Health

Brody Bush, Reporter September 23, 2019

Caffeine can be a very helpful tool when you need a bit of energy, but it must be used with caution. While caffeine can be very useful when you need to stay up all night working on a project, it can have...

Hyping up the Drum Line

John Pae, Reporter September 18, 2019

The CPHS community relies much on school pride to keep our fellow students active and hyped up. There's no better group of people to keep our pride up than our amazing drum line. “We’re like a big...

New School Updates Aim To Improve Safety

Conner Smith, Reporter September 16, 2019

Last year, the construction around campus was an unmistakable staple of our school that we greeted everyday, and it’s finally coming to a close this year. The addition to the science building is being...

Student-Teacher Reunion

Ignacio Nassim Miguel Borrego, Reporter September 13, 2019

A new teacher in our history department this year Mr. Pavlovic, teaching U.S. history, and our very own photography and art teacher Mrs. Asha, was actually his art teacher back when he was in middle school....

Tucker In Tech

Katie Smith and Claire Mallet September 11, 2019

Over the years, the CPHS theatre program has put on countless shows. Every year, actors and tech students work hard to make their visions come to life, and this year, there’s a new face in the theatre...

The construction zone ranges from the athletic complex to the science building.

Change is in the Air

John Pae, Reporter November 13, 2018

Change is in the air as there are new construction plans en route to improve the student environment and offer new opportunities. As the construction begins, students and faculty can expect more bleachers...

Senior Brandon Breed celebrates a touchdown after making a tough catch in the end zone during the Oct. 19 Hutto game. Breed had a solid game with one touchdown and a good amount of catches. I have a lot of people counting on me to make a play,, Breed said. So when you start playing for other people, it becomes a lot easier to make those big plays.

When it Rains, it Pours

Noah Hedges, Reporter October 22, 2018

In response to a tough loss last Friday, CPFB is taking steps to improve their game plan to finish out the season strong. A combination of harsh rain and cold winds made the game a struggle to compete...

Giving a grand tour, junior Iriyana Lipkin shows off the newest features of the newly acquired KVUE set. The broadcast staff worked since late August on remodeling. I think its super generous for KVUE to recognize the potential in their old set by giving it to us, Lipkin said. We definitely have made this set our own and I think the coolest part about it is that we used talents from many programs in the school to help and contribute making this set our own.

New Set, Who This?

Jalen Gomez, Reporter October 11, 2018

CPHS News is back and better than ever, partially through the addition of a brand new set gifted by a local news station, KVUE. The Wolfcast renovated their preexisting set in late August to make space...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School
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