Change is in the Air

Even at more than 21 years, CPHS continues to grow, this one being the biggest expansion yet.


The construction zone ranges from the athletic complex to the science building.

Broadcast Staff

John Pae, Reporter

Change is in the air as there are new construction plans en route to improve the student environment and offer new opportunities.

As the construction begins, students and faculty can expect more bleachers for the football field and flex labs that are being added to the science building. Assistant principal Phillip Pearce said that the construction will contribute to the future of the school.

“I think it’s good,” Pearce said. “Anything that we can add to the school that’s going to help either with athletics or academics, more importantly, is going to help our school and is going to help and our students in the long run.”

More plans are being designed to replace outdated technology and facilities that need updating, and the full completion is set for about five years from now.  Counselor Jacque Pittz said that the current construction is a chance to create a better learning environment for both students and teachers.

“I think it’s a good thing that will just make our school a nicer environment,” Pittz said. “In the end, it will be helpful for everyone to have the new amenities and the new resources we are going to have.”

As for the science department, the new flex labs are to give students a more hands-on experience in the lab and a chance to learn more subjects outside of biology and chemistry. Biology teacher Adam Babich said that he is looking forward to the opportunities that the labs will present to students.

“Our populations growing, we are getting more and more students, so space would obviously be something I would like to increase,” Babich said.