The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Flags Up, Stanced Down, State Cup and State Bound

Cason Johnson, Reporter May 2, 2024

A subtle melody breaks the air as the crowd waits in anticipation. Without warning, flags fly gracefully through the air in a flurry of color and madness. The crowd can’t look away as the Winter Guard...

Leaning back on her right, varsity tennis member junior Mia Petty prepares to receive the ball with the traditional racket swing. For student athletes, the heat has caused many changes to previously created habits involved in sport practices, but it can also be a tool, according to Petty. The heat is definitely annoying, Petty said. There are so many things that you have to do to avoid exhaustion and it feels excessive at times. [However], I think the heat further encourages me to get outside. [I want to] be exposed to the heat as much as possible so I can better acclimate to being hot and tired.

A Love-Heat Relationship With Texas

Kassidy Wilkinson, Reporter September 14, 2023

As the thin red line of mercury rises on the thermometer, the competition grows as fall outdoor activities begin. For students, practicing or competing in temperatures around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, sweat...

Leaving his opponent on the ground after a quick and precise maneuver, sophomore running back Trae Hill sprints toward the end zone. The varsity football team will play against Round Rock High School tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Gupton Stadium. “[Being on varsity] made me work a lot harder,” Hill said. “It’s a lot more mental, [too]. People don’t understand that if you’re not in the right headspace, then you won’t be at your best. I hope we make a lot of memories [this season]. We’re confident and we practice hard for sure. We realize that we have a good team this year, [that] we have potential.”

From First-Downs to Touchdowns

Kacey Miller, Editor-in-Chief September 7, 2023

It sounds more like white noise under their helmets, all the crowds’ cheers, boos, and clapping. With feet already sore, eyes already dry, and faces already sweating, they send team captains to the coin...

The USWST settled their 6-year long fight about equal payment. This was a monumental and historical win for not only the soccer team, but for women across the globe working in fields filled with gender inequality.

Kicking Out Gender Inequality

Aahana Mulchandani, Reporter March 28, 2022

For the past six years, the National women’s soccer team has fought for equal treatment and also requested equal pay. Finally, as of February 22nd, the United States Women’s National Team, or USWNT,...

Captain Rowan Rodriguez moves quickly to catch the ball in her lacrosse stick. The team always puts 100% effort into the games they play. “Most of the time, I’m really excited to play and feel very determined to do my best,” Rodriguez said. “I try to give each game and practice all my efforts, which helps me become more motivated throughout the season.

Lax to the Max

Penny Moreno, Reporter March 10, 2022

She swiftly moves throughout the field with her lacrosse stick, observing her teammates and the small lacrosse ball. She then grips the stick firmly, hoping one of her teammates will pass the ball to her....

Cheering alongside the other student section leaders, senior Emily Rangel tries to keep energy high while watching the football games. The next home football game will be on Oct. 15, at the Gupton stadium. “I wanted to become student section leader because I felt like I would be able to help bring everyone together and be as enthusiastic as possible after COVID made last year really rough, Rangel said. I wanted to make sure I had some sort of leadership position in order to be able to make my senior year and everyone else’s year memorable. My best advice to the underclassmen is to not be afraid to be loud and partake in anything they can. It’s not embarrassing to have school spirit and it makes the pep rally much more enjoyable if everyone participates.”

Prepping to Get Peppy

Madison Shields, Reporter October 14, 2021

Chanting along with the entire student body, watching elaborate dances and listening to the athletes of the season speak about upcoming games. That is what has been missing this past year due to online...

Fighting for dominance on the mat, sophomore Kylee Foulds competes in one of many wrestling tournaments in 2021. This year’s wrestling season will start in early November with the first tournament over Thanksgiving break. “I’m really excited for this season,“ Foulds said. “I’m expecting this season to be more challenging physically because of how short last season was because of COVID-19. It’s going to be tough to have to make weight for several months, and having several matches a week, but I’m glad that we have a full season this year.”

Wrestling with Gender Norms

Isa Morgan, Reporter October 13, 2021

Pacing on the side of the mat with music blasting through her headphones, pulling up the straps to her singlet, clicking on her headgear and anticipating her next match, junior Erika Peterson goes through...

Running Red, White and Blue

Aahana Mulchandani, Reporter September 27, 2021

The usually silent morning air was filled with cheers as the XC runners pushed for the last stretch of their runs during the 22nd Annual Cross Country Meet, placing Top 5 out of the ranked 10.  Starting...

Bowling Hopes to Strike Perfection

Addy Bates, Reporter October 29, 2019

After failing to advance to regionals last year by one position, the bowling team has changed the way they practice and has added five new players in hopes of advancing to regionals this season. They also...

The MLB Playoffs are getting underway. Check out Addy and Justins preview and predictions.

All About That Football

Addy Bates and Justin Ballou September 5, 2019

Welcome to the 2019 NFL Season, where we will find out if hype and reality are the same things. With big-name stars finding homes in new places, the NFL will look a bit different this year. With competition...

Focusing on his shot, junior bowler Ian Cheek shoots at a spare. My favorite aspect of the sport is how it is a solo sport but you are also part of the team, Cheek said. I like this aspect a lot because it makes me want to better myself so I can better my team.

The Art of a Dying Sport

Addy Bates February 15, 2019

In 1964, the top professional bowler made $100,000 a year through tournaments, television appearances and endorsements. That’s the equivalent to $750,000 in today’s money. In 2019, however, some...

Adrian Wojnarowski is one of the most popular NBA reporters for ESPN, and anytime he breaks news, its called a Woj-Bomb

2019 NBA Trade Deadline Reactions

Jalen Gomez, Reporter February 15, 2019

The NBA Trade Deadline is one of the most exciting times of the NBA calendar year, showcasing not only the lack of loyalty to the players, but also putting the drama on an extremely tall pedestal. With...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School