Lax to the Max

Girls Lacrosse Team Begins Spring Season


Photo by Sarah Johnson

Captain Rowan Rodriguez moves quickly to catch the ball in her lacrosse stick. The team always puts 100% effort into the games they play. “Most of the time, I’m really excited to play and feel very determined to do my best,” Rodriguez said. “I try to give each game and practice all my efforts, which helps me become more motivated throughout the season.”

Penny Moreno, Reporter

She swiftly moves throughout the field with her lacrosse stick, observing her teammates and the small lacrosse ball. She then grips the stick firmly, hoping one of her teammates will pass the ball to her. She follows the ball and suddenly catches it and sprints towards the goal. The girls lacrosse team has been a part of Central Texas Lacrosse for over ten years.

“The community is super fun and all of the girls are very sweet and we get along really well,” junior Kylie Curnutt said. “A lot of us are really close, like we will hang outside of school and I have met some of my really good friends through the organization. We are always supportive of one other during games and we always lift each other up.” 

The team consists of many different players from different schools in LISD, including Cedar Park, Liberty Hill, Leander and Lago Vista. The majority of the girls are from Cedar Park, such as the seniors and sophomores, but the team does pull players from many different schools.

“I love the people I have met and getting a bonding opportunity in practice,” Curnutt said. “Obviously we pull from a lot of schools so I get to know girls from like Rouse or Georgetown that I wouldn’t have gotten to know without lacrosse.”

The practices consist of warming up with a lap around the field, then progressing to passing or shooting drills. They have practices on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday after school at 6:30 p.m. Some days they split up into groups with the coaches and other days the teams scrimmage each other. Head coach  Erin Kramar and assistant coach Lewis Wright help lead the team through practices and games.

“We try our best and give our all for every game, but we haven’t won a game yet this season,” Rodriguez said. “My goal for the team is to always give 100% all the time. Whether we are in practice or at a game. I also want the team to improve overall, I think it’s really important to focus on mistakes we made and more importantly how to fix them. Working on 100% would help us all improve. 

The goal of the club is to popularize the sport of lacrosse and provide the athletes with the best opportunity to learn more about the sport. Although the team’s season is in spring, in the fall they participate in “Fall Ball,” which starts in the beginning of the school year.

“I started playing in middle school and then just transitioned into high school,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t remember how I got involved, but I just remember going to the first practice and loving it. We have frequent ‘captains’ practices where we work on skills like dodging and shooting and we also participate in more team bonding. Everyone is welcome to our ‘captains’ practices or our traditional practices. We’re very open to anybody who wants to be active and enjoy something other than work or school.”

As the lacrosse team progresses throughout the season, they encourage students to come and support if they are interested in lacrosse or have any free time.

“We have improved a ton,” Rodriguez said. “Our stick skills have gotten better and our team connection has improved overall. I am optimistic that we will continue to grow and expand our growth into future seasons, even when myself and the other seniors are gone next year.”