Hyping up the Drum Line

How our drum line keeps our students pumped up at pep rallies, games and events.

John Pae, Reporter

The CPHS community relies much on school pride to keep our fellow students active and hyped up. There’s no better group of people to keep our pride up than our amazing drum line.

“We’re like a big proponent to like pep rallies and football games and stuff like that. The biggest part about football games for us in regards to like school hype is definitely like student section after our halftime performance. All the cheerleaders are looking forward to it and student section people come up to me and they’re like “hey lets, you know, have fun.” Yeah I’d say that student section after halftime performances are probably the best part.” says senior, Noah Hedges.

The drum line is extra busy this month because they are preparing to compete against other schools at Dripping Springs High School one of the players is a senior Cason Damron who is a member of the drum corps, which is one of the highest levels of drum line. Carson is determined that the drum line is more than able to take home the gold.

Cason Damron said “I feel like we’re pretty prepared for it; it’s very rare that one of the groups comes significantly unprepared, so it’s gonna be a close competition like usual.” 

Keep your eyes out for Friday morning hype when they play in the hallways.