Student-Teacher Reunion

Ms. Asha’s former student, Mr. Pavlovic, was recently hired at CPHS as an official member of the staff.

Ignacio Nassim Miguel Borrego , Reporter

A new teacher in our history department this year Mr. Pavlovic, teaching U.S. history, and our very own photography and art teacher Mrs. Asha, was actually his art teacher back when he was in middle school. Reporter Ignacio explored their student- teacher relationship that made their reunion so special. If you would like to give Mr. Pavlovic a visit to welcome him as a new member of our staff, you can find him in room 2016 and if you’re interested in photography, consider giving Ms. Asha a visit on Thursday, September 19th during den for photography club in room B113. Surprised by their reunion, they are excited to work together again.