Lessons Learned in 2016

Victoria Sananikone, Reporter

2016: a year of numerous ups and downs that flew by faster than we could blink. Another 365 days of our lives has passed, another trip around the sun, sparking ideas for New Year’s resolutions. This past year consisted of days that have taught some people valuable lessons or have left others feeling disappointed with how the year played out. I was able to get some feedback from a few CPHS students about why they think people spoke negatively about 2016 with the opinions being so prevalent on social media.

“I think a lot of people disliked 2016 because bad things might have happened in there life,” senior Allison Paules said. “Or they argued with who the next president would be, or they were upset a famous person died. But a year is a long time and there were so many things that were awesome and fun, but lots of people would rather look at the negative parts instead of all the cool things that happened in 2016.”

Some people had optimism on the subject of 2016 and had some memorable experiences like senior Roxy Mota who also has learned valuable lessons.
“My most memorable experience in 2016 was probably going to Los Angeles,” Mota said. “I love traveling and I always get good vibes from the city. This last year I learned that stress doesn’t really get you anywhere and that I should stop being so judgmental.”

Freshman Weston Fugitt also learned something from 2016 that he plans to apply to his character.

“In 2016, I learned that maintaining an optimistic outlook can assist in staying motivated and active throughout heavy work environments,” Fugitt said. “Instead of thinking about how monotonous the work is, I should think about the benefits and feelings of accomplishment that would come after.”
The end of a year marks the beginning of a new chapter. If you found yourself being too negative this past year, repeating bad habits, or if you simply want to expand your horizons to grow as an individual, try getting out of your comfort zone this year or create achievable resolutions with results that you know you’ll be happy with.