After Much Anticipation, Homecoming Weekend is Here


Chloe Hunter

Cheer holds up a homecoming banner during the pep rally on Sept. 13.

Perry Jamail, Reporter

With new additions and improvements, student council is preparing for the 20th anniversary homecoming weekend.

The annual homecoming football game and dance have been an ongoing tradition for the school ever since the opening in 1998. According to the 1999 Tracks yearbook, the school called the very first homecoming “newcoming.” With a theme of “Dancing in the Moonlight,” the homecoming dance this year will be held in the courtyard on Saturday Sept. 16 at 8 p.m.

The student council, who is organizing and planning the event, received feedback from the students who attended last year’s dance and made changes to make this year’s homecoming even more enjoyable than the last.

“We’re getting lots of fans so it’s hopefully not as hot as last year,” sophomore student council member Carlie Dill said. “We want it to be a great experience for everybody.”

In addition to the numerous fans to cool off the courtyard, a Menchies ice cream truck will also be available for the students participating in the event. Junior Noah Morales shared what he is most looking forward to at the homecoming dance this year.

“I’m looking forward to just seeing all my friends there, going out there, eating all the food, dancing and having a good time,” Morales said.

For Morales, this is his first year ever attending homecoming and he is looking forward to making it a memorable one.

“Well I decided I wanted to ask my girlfriend there because neither of us had ever been,” Morales said. “So we just wanted to go there and have a good time and just see what homecoming is like.”