Ain’t Nothing But A G-Thing

Freshman PG/SG Gisella Maul ranks second in state, plays varsity basketball.


Photo Courtesy of Gisella Maul

Freshman Gisella Maul dribbles down the cpurt during a select basketball league game. Maul made varsity basketball and is currently ranked second in Texas for the class of 2023. Number two is really high and I’m honored to be chosen, but I’m still working to get the top spot and I use that as motivation to keep working hard.”

Justin Ballou, Reporter

It’s never an easy task to make a varsity team as a freshman, and it is especially difficult to make the varsity girls’ basketball team, who has had a lot of success in the last few years. Freshman Gisella Maul, or “G” for short, did just that. Maul will play for the varsity girls’ basketball team this season as both a point guard and shooting guard.

I work really hard,” Maul said. “I study the plays before we practice them. I usually stay after school to shoot around and go to outdoor courts for extra practice.”

Maul said she wasn’t shocked in finding out she made the team because she worked really hard to get here.

“I thought I earned it,” Maul said.

The reason that Maul originally got into basketball was because she said she saw her siblings play and she wanted to be like them.

“Basketball influenced my life because I see a future in it in my life and I want it to lead me somewhere special,” Maul said. 

Maul joined a squad that has been very competitive in recent years, competing for state titles and taking home numerous district titles. She said she’s looking forward to playing this season and getting closer with the team.

“It’s really cool to be a part of this team,” Maul said. “I want to help keep the tradition going of winning district and making the playoffs every season.”

Maul is also ranked second in the state for the class of 2023, meaning the state sees her as the second-best freshman female basketball player in Texas.

“[Having this ranking] is a big honor because I’ve worked really hard to get to this point,” Maul said. “Number two is really high and I’m honored to be chosen, but I’m still working to get the top spot and I use that as motivation to keep working hard.

Maul said she’s gotten to this point by working her butt off and training for a really long time. She also wants the national ranking to pair with her state ranking.

“My goals for the future are to play division one basketball and go play professional basketball afterwards,” Maul said.