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Photo Courtesy of Romeela Kar

Holding up a Timberwolf, senior Romeela Kar shows her school spirit during the homecoming game against Cinco Ranch. Kar said she has never missed a football game during her senior year of high school due to her being a dance and cheer manager and being the football teams’ photographer. “I love CP football because of how it brings our entire community together,” Kar said. “Nights like the spring game are my favorite because the entire community comes out to support the T-Wolves.”

Aja Steiner, Guest Reporter

Senior year is the year to make your final memories, decide what college you are going to, and some seniors start to lose motivation to finish school. However, senior Romeela Kar kept herself busy all through her senior year. 

Throughout her time at Cedar Park, she has been on the JV Emeralds team, the manager for dance and cheer, and in charge of certain sports’ social media. 

“After being on Emeralds for a year, I decided that being a dancer would take up more time and I wouldn’t be able to do other things like sports media,” Kar said. “So being a manager was the smartest choice for me.”

This year, Kar became the football and baseball teams’ social media photographer and was in charge of their online platforms. Kar mainly focused on football due to the baseball season being cut short because of the Coronavirus. 

“I reached out to Coach Abseck about working on the football Instagram page because I want to work in sports media when I’m older,” Kar said. “It’s also a good way for recruiters to find specific guys.”

Kar traveled with the Celebs in order to go to all of the football games and was able to maintain constant coverage for the football Instagram page while also completing her duties as a manager. According to Kar, Coach Abseck trusted her with the page and let her do her own thing. During games she would post score updates and videos of touchdowns on their Instagram story. 

“My favorite part about getting to run the football Instagram page would probably be getting to create new content,” Kar said. “And getting to be on the field at games for live updates.”

Sports management gives me the opportunity to be creative with graphic design and photography. It allows me to stay in the sports world, which is what I love.

On top of being the dance, cheer manager and managing sports media, Kar applied for an internship with Vype, which is a sports journalism company that focuses on high school athletes.

“I found the Vype internship while scrolling through Instagram and applied,” Kar said. “I knew it would be a good job experience and it would give me opportunities that I couldn’t get myself.”

For Vype, Kar published game recaps after varsity football games, which were then posted on their website. One of the first articles she wrote was about quarterback Ryder Hernandez’s flu game. She stated that it was a very special article because she got to write about the boys’ reactions when they were faced with adversity and how they leaned on each to win. 

“The most exciting thing I got to do with Vype was getting press box access at the top of NRG stadium in Houston,” Kar said. “I also got to see Deandre Hopkins, which was really cool.”

According to Kar, it was difficult for her to manage her time during the holiday show season for dance and having to keep up with football games.

“I managed my time by communicating with everyone I was working with,” Kar said. “But I loved what I did for each organization, so it was always a fun time.”

After high school, Kar plans on getting a bachelors in graphic design and a masters in sports management. She plans to attend the University of Texas at Tyler in the fall and transfer to UT Austin the following year. 

“Sports management gives me the opportunity to be creative with graphic design and photography,” Kar said. ”It allows me to stay in the sports world, which is what I love.”