Brooke Ferguson, Super Sophomore

Music Involvement Leads to New Opportunities


Lost in the music, sophomore Brooke Ferguson performs alongside Seasons at Choral Showcase in September. In addition to choir, Ferguson is also playing the Synthesizer for the band’s show this fall. “I like the community with choir, I like the people and I love singing,” Ferguson said. “With the band, I like the new experience. Coming in as a new person I liked how they took me in right away.” (Photo Courtesy of Official LISD Photography Page)

Ava Callaway, Reporter

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the most involved of them all?

Sophomore Brooke Ferguson is a Choir officer, Seasons member, a thespians member, in the varsity choir, and was invited to play for the award-winning band this year for their show. The question is, how does she balance all of these commitments while still maintaining her grades and social/family life?

“The workload is what I was most worried about because they stay after school really late and I was worried I was going to be the weak link,” Ferguson said. “It is a cool experience that not a lot of people get to go do.” 

Ferguson’s role in the band’s show “Mirror Mirror” is to play the Synthesizer, an instrument that is capable of playing many different sounds and audio clips.

“There are four parts for the show and for the last part they were looking for a pianist and they didn’t have any pianists who were openly available to leave their instruments in the band and so they came over to choir,” Ferguson said. “And [they] were looking for someone who didn’t have too much going on. I don’t know how that ended up being me. I talked to them and watched one of their rehearsals and decided that it would be something that I would be interested in doing.” 

The choir department in comparison to the band department is a lot different, according to Ferguson. The band has rehearsal every day after school, whereas choir only has after school rehearsals on the day leading up to a concert.

“The rehearsals are a lot more vigorous and are longer,” Ferguson said. “I like the community with choir, I like the people and I love singing. With the band, I like the new experience. Coming in as a new person I liked how they took me in right away.” 

Ferguson is the Administrative officer for choir, which consists of writing on the calendar board outside the choir room and the paper calendar inside the choir room. Along with those tasks, she also keeps track of the online website and helps out whoever is in need of assistance. 

“I write all the birthdays and upcoming events,” Ferguson said. “Every week I come in early and print the calendar for inside the choir room and I also print out attendance sheets. I would balance it by doing the officer duties in the morning before school and then after school I would work on my band stuff and go home and practice band and choir region music and I would do any other choir things.”

With such a heavy workload, Ferguson has to plan her time carefully and diligently, she said. She has to have good time management to be able to accomplish all that she needs to do. 

“I am always writing in my planner what I have to do and I’m always up late,” Ferguson said. “It’s a lot but it’s fun and it’s definitely worth it. It is a lot of work and when I was first thinking of doing it I knew it was going to be a lot of work, but it’s only two months.”