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The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Pictured above is a RealCare baby that is used for the baby care project. Students in the Human Growth and Development class had to take home these babies for a weekend and learn how to care for a baby’s needs. “I liked having a constant companion with me,” Lehman said. “I was never alone for more than two seconds because it was really loud and needed constant attention.” 
Photo by Julia Seiden
Robot Babies On the Loose
Julia Seiden, Reporter • December 8, 2023

Her dark room...

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Tom Blyth’s portrayal of Coriolanus Snow in “The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes” book-to-movie adaptation has become a staple on social media. The TikTok hashtag “#coriolanussnow” has over one billion views with almost all of the featured videos being a fan-made edit of the actor.
Snow Lands on Top
Alyssa Fox, Reporter • December 6, 2023

Scrolling through...

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A list of 12 Christmas movies you should watch this holiday season!
The 12 Movies of Christmas
Mia Morneault, Reporter • December 6, 2023

It’s the most...

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Crossing the finish line, senior Isabel Conde De Frankenberg secures first place at the Cedar Park invitational on Sept.9. This was Conde De Frankenberg’s first race of the season and she has won this race every year since she was a freshman. “Winning felt good because it’s good to represent your school,” Conde De Frankenberg said. “Being able to run on your own campus is really exciting and I had fun.”
From Start to Finish Line
Mai Cachila, Reporter • December 4, 2023

In the rhythmic...

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AT&T stadium in Arlington is the next big hurdle the Longhorns need to leap over in order to keep their College Football Playoff hopes alive.
Is Texas Back?
Jonathan Levinsky, Reporter • December 1, 2023

“Longhorn Nation,...

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Taking a selfie with some of their castmates, including senior Aidan Cox, who plays Buddy the Elf, junior Brooke Ferguson shows off a sign presenting the arrival of “Elf. This year’s musical, “Elf” runs Dec. 1-3 in the CPHS PAC. “[Learning a new script is] always kind of a challenge,” Ferguson said. “You get a new cast and you get your own part. I’ve never worked closely with these people before. It’s a different environment and doing character work with someone new, trying to partner work and scene work is interesting. The script is good and it has a lot of jokes, it’ll be a lot of laughs.” Photo by Brooke Ferguson
Elf on the Stage
Jane Yermakov, Reporter • December 1, 2023

A mix of unprecedented...

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Every Trick or Treat in the Book

Annual Community Event Draws Crowd
Lilly Adams
Dressed as a cow, PALs member and junior Lynnea Bergman smiles at her friends with a face covered in whipped cream. The annual trunk or treat took place on Oct. 26 during which the PALs pie in the face activity was very popular, according to Bergman. “We were doing a pie in the face and cakewalk to get the kids to have fun,” Bergman said. “Some of the kids in the PALs [program were at the trunk or treat] and they got to pie us in the face. [My favorite memory] so far is probably getting pied in the face by a four year old. He went so hard and it was very funny.”

From two-feet-tall construction workers to a seven-foot-tall banana, the parking lot turned into another world during the annual trunk or treat last night. Giant pizzas walked hand-in-hand with burgers and large dinosaurs as the night’s event filled with people. 

After the forecasted storm clouds cleared from the sky and it was announced the yearly trunk or treat was officially going to happen, clubs claimed their spots in the parking lot and began to set up yesterday after school. Each club hosted their own activities at their booths. Among these games were a twister board with candy taped to each circle, a face painting station and water balloons.

“I really look[ed] forward to the [trunk or treat this year] because this was the first time I came with my younger sister,” junior Eden Yu said. “It’s just really cool that you get to [come to the high school parking lot] and see all different aspects of the school as well as the Cedar Park community.”

The wrestling team had a mat set up behind their trunk where trick or treaters could wrestle for more candy if they wanted to.

“Whether they win or lose they get candy,” sophomore Carter Long said. “It’s pretty safe because we pair them with similar weights and [we] teach them not to do certain things and how to win.”

According to senior swim team member Santhi Marquez, the team’s walk the plank and ring toss game was very popular, but the best activity, in his opinion, was created by PALs.

“I really like[d] the PAL’s pie in the face activity,” Marquez said. “I feel like it brings joy to the people that are getting pied even though it looks kind of aggressive. And the smiles on the faces of the kids that are actually doing the smashing are really big.”

Children of all shapes, sizes and costumes formed a long line to pie the PALs members in the face. One of these members was junior Lynnea Bergman, whose face was covered in whipped cream for most of the night.

“We were doing a pie in the face and cakewalk to get the kids to have fun,” Bergman said. “Some of the kids in the PALs [program were at the trunk or treat] and they got to pie us in the face. [My favorite memory] so far is probably getting pied in the face by a four year old. He went so hard and it was very funny.”

Decked in spiderwebs, the HOSA trunk used a life-size model of human skeleton to represent their club as they passed out candy and quizzed their trick-or-treaters.

“I personally think our car was the best,” sophomore HOSA member Jessica Vajrala said. “We ask[ed] a bunch of medically-related questions to the people that came to the car. They’re very simple questions and everyone leaves having fun.”

With a stream of both young children and their parents, not everyone knows the answers to the questions Vajrala asked those who visited her station. The HOSA members were able to teach the trick or treaters while they passed out candy by helping them answer the questions.

“We were asking questions like ‘what is the largest organ in the body,’” Vajrala said. “[Or] ‘what is the strongest muscle in your body?’ [If they needed] help, I show[ed] them the heart symbol or point[ed] to my skin.”

The group FCCLA designed their trunk activity after the party game “pin the tail on the donkey.” Their version included pin the cherry on the cupcake, pin the tie on the suit and pin the caterpillar on the apple.

“I like interacting with all the kids,” FCCLA club president and senior Emily Plaisted said. “My favorite [part of the night] was just seeing how happy they got whenever they get close to being right [while sticking the cherry to the cupcake] or just getting candy.”

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