The Wolfpack

Students donate to Halloween charities

Paige Cleven

October 21, 2010

     While some children go door to door collecting tasty treats, others go door to door collecting loose change for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). UNICEF is an association dedicated to saving the lives of impoverished children around the world by providing them with clean water,...

Halloween Costumes On the Cheap

Beth Rozacky

October 21, 2010

     Halloween is a holiday full of nostalgic charm and endearing traditions. One of the most well loved and closely followed practices of All Hallows’ Eve involves dressing up in creative and eye-catching costumes. In yearly attempts to outdo each other, friends compete with increasingly exuberant...

Halloween costume ideas

Ashley Hughes

October 22, 2009

     With Halloween just around the corner, many of us have already begun brainstorming for costume ideas. There’s your typical superhero, the all too predictable witch or Disney princess, and the scandalous, dare I say Playboy-esque outfits.  However this year, the costumes may actually turn...

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