Feeling ’22

Senior Graduates Honored in Pep Rally Thursday


Image Courtesy of John Sloan

The senior awards and recognition is back during DEN Thursday, May 17 in the main gym.

Anthony Whiting, Reporter

The energy is electric in the filled gym floors with seats of college colors, mascots and mottos. A tradition that has been absent on campus for two years returns. Thursday during DEN will be the much anticipated Senior Awards, a part of the conclusion of high school for the class of 2022 before the stage and diploma.

Following the normal bell schedule, seniors will expect to be released from class at 10:00 to be seated in the gym by 10:15. Administration encourages students to showcase their future path wearing college, career or military attire. Parents wishing to attend may sign-in to the front office like normal and will be seated in the stands. The valedictorian and student council will welcome everyone and there will be a top ten reveal.

Common faces on campus will be speaking to recognize a variety of programs not recognized elsewhere. College and Career Transition Coordinator Chriss Hexter will be speaking about students enrolled in Austin Community College courses, Dean of Instruction Jennifer Coleman about AP scholars, chemistry teacher and NHS sponsor Christopher Cieri will be speaking on NHS and the counselors will be speaking.

ACC scholarships are categorized by the amount of hours and classes students have already taken. For APs there are different levels of recognition: AP Scholars with Distinction, AP scholars with honors as a result of so many AP tests you’ve taken and passed with a score of three or higher.

In addition, the academic department head teachers including for english, social studies, science, math and foreign languages will be awarding department awards to students. Departments recognize the most outstanding students teachers have chosen. These awards will be surprises unless their teacher has told them.

Students were notified via email and google classroom to complete a senior slideshow that will be projecting throughout the ceremony on the screen.

“The cool thing is we are having the senior slideshow where you or your family have created,” Crochet said. “These slides will be shown throughout the whole ceremony so make sure you get that turned in, we’ve been trying to make sure kids get that turned in because we don’t want anyone to be left out.”

According to Crochet, it’s sentimental to see all the senior class together and provide a sendoff to students entering the adult world.

“I’m getting goosebumps,” Crochet said. “It’s just exciting to be able to see faces and I know personally the kids that are graduating now were full on three years ago they were babies and now everyone’s back and seeing grown and almost adults it’s just been cool to see. We’re just trying to reconnect with them and this is a good way to do it. It’s a send off, it won’t be perfect, but fun and a good time.”