Humans of CP: Emma Baker

Best of Both Worlds

Gillian Corona, reporter

Charismatic, live music fanatic, junior Emma Baker, lives in a bilingual, biracial home.

She is involved in Photojournalism, PALs, Environmental Club and works at Shakes. Baker’s dad was born deaf and therefore learned to sign. She has two younger siblings who are also deaf, a seven-year-old sister and a ten-year-old brother, who were adopted from India. Giggling as she speaks, Baker said that they attend Texas School of the Deaf, but are crazy and so full of life. Baker grew up signing and speaking English.

“This year what I am living by is that every day is a new day,” Baker said. “You have to take it on with a new perspective. If you have a bad day next day is a different day, you just gotta think positive and that’s how I want to live my life this year.”