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Future Texan Rider Looks Back on HS Experiences


Photo courtesy of Abby Cheek

Senior Abby Cheek smiles for the camera. Cheek has been a member of many organizations in school, from leading Fellowship of Christian Athletes , to being an editor in yearbook and being a member of National Honor Society and other clubs. “All of these activities have helped me learn so much about myself and meet lots of new people,” Cheek said. I can’t wait to jump into college and get involved there, as well.”

Grace Cox, Guest Reporter

As she hops from Zoom to Zoom, she has her daily agenda going through her head. Between honor societies, various clubs, work and a social life, senior Abby Cheek has a lot on her mind. However Cheek said that she believes her busy schedule is beneficial for her present and future self, as well as for her friends and family around her.

Her journey in Fellowship of Christian Athletes began in the sixth grade, and since then her involvement in FCA has continued to grow. Although this year has been difficult due to COVID-19 Cheek has still worked diligently to do her best to stay involved in the club and to continue to grow in her Faith. 

“FCA has taught me a lot about who I am and who I want to be,” Cheek said. “It also has helped me grow in my Faith and begin to start helping others on their path as well.” 

Apart from leading FCA and giving testimonies, Cheek is also involved in the Yearbook, which she joined in her sophomore year. Cheek knew a few students in the class and enjoyed taking pictures so thought it would be a good fit for her. 

“My favorite part about the class is taking pictures of school events,” Cheek said. “I also have been blessed with being a content editor so I have been able to play a big role in the making of the yearbook and also helping teach other students.”

In addition to FCA and Yearbook, Cheek is also a member of various honor societies. Cheek said she joined these honor societies because of her interest in school and desire to do well in English National Honor Society, National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Math National Honor Society and many clubs. 

“If there was an honor society I could join I would sign up as fast as I could,” Cheek said. “I joined them because I knew it would be beneficial for my future and would help to encourage me to continue pushing myself to do better.” 

According to Cheek, NHS has been her most prized club. She believes this because the honor society recognized multiple aspects of her life, including her hard work in school.

“NHS is a very competitive club to be a part of,” Cheek said. “When I received my invitation to be a part of it I was ecstatic. I knew that this was an honor society that valued leader and educational success and that all of my various success was all recognized in this club” 

As for her future plans, Cheek will attend Tarleton University, where she plans to major in biology.

“I have chosen biology for my major because I hope to be an Occupational therapist,” Cheek said. “I chose this as my profession because I have a special draw and connection to special needs people and I know and realize they’re just like everyone else so I want to do something where I’m helping them get to be where they’re independent.”

Ever since the last school year, Cheek has been attending school virtually. Unlike other students Cheek is ready to get back in the classroom and continue her learning journey. 

“Although I have enjoyed my time at home and the various hobbies I have picked up, I am ready to get my life back to normal,” Cheek said. “I am upset at how much COVID has affected my senior year but I am trying and have been trying my best to look at the positive and enjoy my time and new opportunities.”

Cheek said she has enjoyed her time at Cedar Park and all of the student involvement she was offered. She hopes that future students will take the same path as her and get involved at the school.

“All of these activities have helped me learn so much about myself and meet lots of new people,” Cheek said. “I can’t wait to jump into college and get involved there as well.”