Naviance: What Can It Do?

Website Allows Students to Plan Out Their Future

Celeste Ritzheimer

Justin Ballou, Reporter

Naviance is a website that has many important tools that students can use when in search of colleges. The website is made to be helpful to upperclassmen as they look for the next best step.

When on the Naviance website (accessed through the website), there are five different tabs at the top of the page to select from: Courses, Colleges, Careers, About Me and My Planner.

The heading labeled “Courses” shows students what courses they have completed in high school, or what they plan to complete. Students can also find potential courses to sign up for under “Interesting Courses.”

The “Colleges” page is where to find everything from college maps to scholarship opportunities. There is also an option to compare several schools at once in order to match students to a college.

Under the “Careers” drop-down title, students can enter any career that they are interested in. That information will then be fed through a system to show the colleges that could work for their plan.

“On Naviance there is assistance in determining what career path is best for you, assistance in picking the right college for a student, and opportunities for scholarships,” CPHS transition coordinator Chriss Hexter said.

“About Me” can be used by everyone in high school to view their GPA and class rank. Upperclassmen can also use this link to view their ACT and SAT test scores.

The “My Planner” menu allows students to put their schedule into the system, as well as due dates for different assignments.

With all these tools, Naviance can be a useful resource to students in planning out the future and staying on track in high school.