New Foreign Exchange Students at CPHS

The new foreign exchange students at CPHS adjust to their new life here in Texas.

Amelia Kaza, Reporter

With many possible reasons of being an exchange student that interests people, the main one is experiencing a different culture other than their own. Cedar Park High School is very different than most schools in other countries.

“Uh, I want to become an exchange student because I’ve always wanted to experience the American culture and the American high school life.” Says Ranje

School spirit and school sports are something that especially in Texas can be very different.

Nele Stoetzner says “The culture is much different to Germany because like school sports and all that stuff is so big and in Germany like we don’t have any clubs or school teams.”

Many people worry about how students and teachers will treat them when they are completely new, but some exchange students say they felt welcomed. If you know any foreign exchange students, be sure to welcome them to our school.