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App Allows Students to See Cafeteria Menu, Pre-Order

Kaley Johnson, Reporter

Nutrislice, an app currently available in the App Store and Google Play Store, allows students to see the cafeteria menu before lunchtime in all Leander ISD schools. In February, the app introduced a pre-order option so students can order a deli sandwich in advance if they are too busy to wait in a long line.

The app has been available for use since the 2016-2017 school year as a way for students to see the daily menu and decide what they want or whether they should bring their own lunch.

The newest feature on the app allows students to order a deli sandwich to be ready for pickup come lunchtime. According to the assistant general manager for Child Nutrition Services, Robin Plett, the feature should allow the busiest of students to skip the stress of the line and also add any additional items that might be desired.

“Students are able to order the exact sandwich they prefer and have it ready when they enter the cafeteria,” Plett said. “No waiting for sandwiches to be toasted or the deli person to open another package of cheese.”

Another feature added in the app is the ability to review and give feedback on the food, which according to Plett, allows for both CNS and each school’s cafeteria staff to better plan and prepare food that best serves the students. 

“Cafeteria staffs enjoy feeding happy students,” Plett said. “Being able to pre-prepare items before the lunch period begins allows us to serve more students more efficiently and more successfully. We also find the feedback provided through the app and through programs like Flavorfest, which we held at CPHS this year, vital to tailoring our offerings to students’ wants and needs.”

The original intention of the app was to allow easier access to the menus of LISD schools, but it has now become much more with the additions of seeing the nutritional value, reviews and ordering in advance.

“We first partnered with Nutrislice to create the app to bring an update and upgrade the way we deliver our menus in a way that works for us in the digital age,” Plett said. “CNS is always looking for ways to better serve our students, to increase participation in the school lunch program and to make lunch fun. Allowing students the ability to pre-order lunch seems a natural progression.”

Download the Nutrislice app through the App Store or Google Play Store, or view it online.