Senior Spotlight: Hunter Howe


Hunter Howe stands next to the Baylor mascot, “Lady,” at his official visit to Baylor university.

Garrett Wilson, Reporter

Senior. For some, the word conjures up anxiety about college and making it into the real world. However senior Hunter Howe takes a different approach in going to college.

Howe said that he has known for some time where he would go to college.

“Both my parents went to Baylor and my brother currently goes there, so I guess you could say it runs in my family,” Howe said.

Baylor has remained in Howe’s family’s first choice because of the university’s large focus on religion. Howe’s family has attended Baylor for the university’s focus on religion.

“Being a Christian university, there are plenty of ways for me to get involved with a church which is very important to me,” Howe said. “Also, Baylor is the only university in the country to offer the major I’m interested in, the S3 program.”

I’ve had a great time in CP and have made a lot of memories, but I can’t stay here forever.”

The S3 program stands for Sports Strategy and Sales which offers minors such as Media Strategy, Analytical Skills and Customer Relationship Management. Howe said that this program can help him truly pursue his dreams.

“The best part is [that] it has 100% job placement with professional sports teams, something I would love to do,” Howe said.

Howe said that he is thankful for everyone who helped him to get where he is.

“One of the biggest reasons for my academic success in high school was due to the hard work of all the teachers I’ve had,” Howe said. “I appreciate everything they do for the student body.”

Moving on from high school and into college can be daunting, but Howe said that he is excited for his future at Baylor.

“I’ve had a great time in CP and have made a lot of memories, but I can’t stay here forever,” Howe said. “The next big stage in my life is at Baylor and I can’t wait for it to begin.”