Senior Spotlight: Mason Brooks


Senior Mason Brooks motivated his teammates before a football game against Hutto on November 3rd.

Garrett Wilson, Reporter

He is a co-founder of the P.A.C.K. and a 6’6″ 255 pound starter for the varsity football team. Through everything he has done, senior Mason Brooks has made it his goal in high school to spread positivity and be the best version of himself.

Once I got on the [basketball] court, I got a better understanding of how to use my body,”

— Mason Brooks

Brooks will be attending the University of Western Kentucky to pursue his football career. Aside from football, Brooks also played basketball throughout high school, where he improved his agility and speed in order to be successful in sports.

“I had trouble using my feet faster and in an efficient way in football,” Brooks said. “Once I got on the [basketball] court, I got a better understanding of how to use my body.”

Off of the field, Brooks contributed to the community in a variety of ways.

When Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas back in August, Brooks was donating cans upon cans of food for the people who lost their homes and other irreplaceable items. In addition, Brooks and senior Traajan Chase helped form the new club, P.A.C.K., which hosts occasional “packtivities” in the courtyard to take the stress away from school.

“I understand that stress is absolutely dreadful and college stress can also be a pain,” Brooks said. “Bringing the school together and playing electrifying music is special.”

Brooks says that he also uses music to get him ready for games.

“Music either hypes me up for games or just pumps me up at any time,” Brooks said.

The “packtivities” included teachers, as well as students, to limbo, jump rope and play with chalk. Brooks said how he wants to see the school change for the better because of what he has done with his time in high school.

“I don’t think I want to be remembered from anything I have done here,” Brooks said. “But [instead] see a change for the students [and] for the future of this high school.”