Senior Spring Signing

Gillian Corona , Reporter

This morning, the front hallway was filled with donuts and t-shirts for seniors.

Transition coordinator Chriss Hexter, organized Senior Spring Signing on April 13. Seniors who have made a decision of what they are doing for next year stopped by the college and career center outside the counselors office to sign a pennant. The first 200 students to sign a pennant received a donut courtesy of Krispy Kreme, and the first 75 who wore a t-shirt of their college, received a t-shirt courtesy of Project Grad. Hexter organized this event to get information for senior awards on May 30 and to show off where the students of CP are headed after June 8.

”I wanted to display our students and see how far and wide the expanse is,” Hexter said. “I know some kids are going to the military and some kids are taking a gap year and I just want to acknowledge that and see it tangibly.”