“Starry Night” Themed Homecoming Dance Stood Out From Previous Years


Photo by Jordy Peterson

Junior Eduardo Almazan and Sophomores Emma Weddell, Seth Mehalic, and Kelsey McFarland at “Starry Night” themed homecoming dance on Sept.17.

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

Cedar Park students attended the “Starry Night” themed homecoming dance on Sept.17. Organized by Student Council, this year’s dance was held outside in the courtyard, instead of inside the cafeteria. Student Council knew that an outdoor dance would have its challenges, but they managed to pull it off with the assistance of countless volunteers and donators.

Saturday afternoon, Student Council members and volunteers worked together to bring the “Starry Night” theme to life. They strung Christmas lights in the trees, hung white and gold ornaments from the branches and wrapped railings with blue and gold tulle. Come Saturday night, the courtyard glittered as students danced and socialized underneath the night sky.

“Setting up and planning homecoming actually wasn’t that difficult,” Student Council sponsor and Biology teacher, Adam Babich, said. “Our biggest challenges were trying to coordinate the lighting, and we just had to hope for the best with the weather. But overall, the results were beautiful, and the kids seemed to have a really fun time.”

Student of all grades attended, either with a group of friends or with a date. Attendees could dance and mingle outside, or they could buy concessions and cool off inside the cafeteria. The DJ played a variety of songs requested by students, with the choices ranging from slow songs, to fast paced selections.

“I really enjoyed getting together with all of my friends, buying dresses and getting ready for the dance,” sophomore Emma Weddell said. “I’ll always remember the fun memories we made that night.”

Seniors Landis McLennan and Lexxi Clinton were crowned King and Queen the night previous, at the homecoming football game.

“Honestly, winning Homecoming Queen was one of the best experiences of my life,” Clinton said. “It’s been my goal to win for the past four years. I love this tradition so much.”