Students Not Soldiers

How students feel about mass shootings

Ireland Weaver , Reporter

Many students living in the aftermath of columbine, sandy hook, parkland, and too many more mass shootings,  know the fear of “what if it happens to us?” Sophomores Lacie Perry and Jordan Reyes-Miller said they think about the threat of mass shooting a lot due to the many recent mass shootings.


Jordan Reyes-Miller said, “Because of the world lately it’s on my mind. I feel like it has to be for me to be prepared for that.”


Last month marked the anniversary of two of the deadliest mass shootings in recent history. The Las Vegas shooting which occurred on October 1st, 2017 left 58 dead and hundreds injured. The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that left 11 dead and many more injured. one at a music festival.  The other a place of worship. Another target for mass shooters: schools. With the recent shootings in California many students can’t help but fear that their school might be next such as sophomores Lacie Perry and Jordan Reyes-miller.


“It’s so easy for someone to sneak something in their backpack and no one would know that they had it” said Lacie Perry.


Psychology teacher Nancy Steele talked about what she does differently since school shootings have become a reality. 


“I take the drills that we have really seriously. In fact, one thing that has changed in my own behavior since we’ve gone in lock-down a couple years in a row,” Steele said, “is that I always make sure I know where my keys are and that’s something I never really worried about before.”


When asked what they think the solution is to mass shootings and specifically school shootings this is what Lacie Perry and Jordan Reyes-Miller had to say.


“I think the solution would be better security for the outside of the building and helping people with mental health issues” Reyes-Miller said.


Perry said,“I think it’s a mix of mental health support and gun regulation”


Stay safe Cedar Park. Remember not to prop open doors or open door leading outside to anyone.