The Wolfpack Staff’s Fall Pie Picks


Fun fact, Houston: Chocolate Pie is indeed a thing.

Avery Deen, Reporter

The Wolfpack Staff has a mean sweet tooth and wants to share their favorite Fall pies as Thanksgiving nears.

Reporter, Anjali Sundaram – Apple Pie
“Because I like to gorge on it while I watch my grades deteriorate into nothing.”

Reporter, Avery Deen – Pecan Pie
“My mom and I always make it, so it’s nostalgic and homey in addition to tasting amazing and sweet.”

Reporter, Carlie Morgan – Pumpkin Pie
“Because it’s like Halloween is still alive.”

Reporter, Jordy Peterson – Lemon Meringue Pie
“The flambe gives it a nice smokey flavor, and it’s spongy. I normally don’t like fruit pies but the lemon and meringue give it a nice flavor.”

Reporter, Houston Fuller – Chocolate Pie
“Is that a thing?”

Reporter, Victoria Sananikone – Key Lime Pie
“Because it’s sweet and refreshing.”

Editor-in-chief, Emilee Guernsey – Sweet Potato Pie
“It’s a different twist on pumpkin pie, it tastes similar but it’s not as sweet so it doesn’t overload your mouth.”

Adviser, Paige Hert – The ice cream on top of the pie
“I just…really like ice cream. Because my birthday cake is always a gallon of mint chocolate chip with a candle stuck in it. I don’t like cake or pie, just ice cream.”