Addy’s Three Sleeper Teams

Addy Bates, Reporter

With the longest four months of the year finally coming to an end, it’s time to say goodbye to the cold weather and hello to the boys of summer. Since the start of the MLB season back in March, many teams have put their previous struggles behind them and have allowed the new season to show the world they’re not messing around. Whether it be acquiring big name power hitters or simply rebuilding an infield, teams like the Tampa Bay Rays, the New York Mets and the Minnesota Twins are proving to the world that 2019 will be their year.


Tampa Bay Rays

After a devastating end to the 2018 season, finishing third in the AL East standings with a 90-72 record, the Tampa Bay Rays have turned things around and have already started to prove that they are ready to take on the 2019 season. Since last year’s trade deadline, the Rays have signed power hitters such as Yandy Diaz, Tommy Pham and Mike Zunino. On the pitching side, the Rays acquired former Houston Astros starting pitcher, Charlie Morton, who has been dominating in the rotation alongside ace Blake Snell, making for a stronger rotation than the previous season. With the Rays already dominating the AL East, with a 15-8 record, with the second closest being 12-10 held by the New York Yankees, the Rays have already started to prove that they aren’t here to play, they’re ready to make a comeback from last year and take the AL East to their five year postseason drought.

New York Mets

They were 77-85 and second to last in the NL East. This is something that the Mets will not have to worry about this year. After struggling for the past two seasons, finishing fourth in the NL East for both, the Mets have made some big moves throughout the postseason, rebuilding the program, especially in the infield. With the addition of former Seattle Mariners second baseman, Robinson Cano, and utility players such as Jed Lowrie and Jonathan Davis, the Mets infield has made a huge step in the right direction and has aided in their 2019 success, where they lead their division with a 12-10 record. With a stellar pitching rotation, thanks to aces like Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom, the Mets are proving that their offense and defense are going to be a big obstacle for anyone who faces them throughout the season.

Minnesota Twins

Another team that has been rebuilding the program within the past five years has been the Minnesota Twins. After a second place finish in the weakest division in all of baseball at the end of the 2018 season, the Twins added power hitters such as Nelson Cruz from the Mariners and utility player Marwin Gonzalez, whose defense was a major key during the Astros’ 2017-2018 playoff runs. After finishing the 2017 season with a .303 batting average and 2018 with a .247, Gonzalez has struggled at the beginning of the new season, batting .154. But don’t sleep on Gonzalez; as soon as he gets in the swing of things, Gonzalez will prove to all Twins fans why the program acquired him. Due to Gonzalez’s success on the defensive side and ability to hit in the deeper innings,  Gonzalez will be a key player throughout the season for those tight games the Twins might play. As soon as the Twins get in their groove, they will be a team to definitely watch out for.