“Anatomy of Gray” is anything but dull

Lauren Kriss

On Mar. 26 this year’s competition play “Anatomy of Gray” advanced to districts with several cast members being recognized.

Crew member senior Hannah Fay received an honorable mention. Cast members senior Britney Wilkinson and sophomore Caleb Spaw were both awarded honorable mentions as well.

Senior Zach Hawks, Junior Donelvan Thigpen, and Junior ChloeBusick were selected to be on the All-Star Cast.

Juniors Dave Hawks and Molly McCaskill took home Best Actor and Best Actress.

Cedar Park continued their success at the district competition on Mar. 28.

Honorable mentions went out to several more T-Wolves including lighting technician senior Merienne Gasca. Spaw was given another honorable mention along with Busick and sophomore Amanda Suggs.

The second time around, the All-Star Cast consisted of McCaskill and Zach Hawks. And the coveted Best Actor award went to Thigpen.

The entire cast as a whole advanced to are competition held at Hendrickson Friday, Apr. 12 at 3:00 PM.  And sophomore alternate Monica Harkins is confident they will score well.

“If our cast performs to their full potential then they surely won’t disappoint,” Harkins said.