Blast from the Past: The Ultimate CP Christmas List

We asked many Cedar Park students what their favorite past Christmas gift was…

Senior Rodrigo Ruiz “really enjoyed some iTunes gift cards.”

Junior Clayton Langseth “got some pretty cool toothbrushes.”

Junior Tabby Farr said her favorite was her “pet cat, Scooter.”

Senior Sarah Ray enjoyed receiving a PlayStation.

Junior Kaitlynn Brown traditionally gets “a handmade maple scented rag doll.” She has a windowsill full of them.

Sophomore Olivia Cantrell got a my little pony castle, which, according to her, was her “jam.”

Senior Easton Jenkins’s favorite gift was “definitely Lego Skywars.”

Sophomore Liva Jensen got “a Nintendo DS when [she] was like six years old.” She particularly enjoyed playing Nintendogs.

Junior Ricky Rosario got “a new bike when [he] was in fourth grade.”

Sophomore Alec Peal’s favorite past gift is his dog.

Junior Ben Gilmer enjoyed a magic set.

Junior Julie Nyznik loved her dreidel.

Senior Bryce Bush said his favorite was a Red Ryder BB Gun.

Junior Ishav Shukla picked out his PlayStation 3 as his best Christmas gift.

Sophomore Zach Harper’s favorite “would have to be a bike” he got when he was young.

Senior Savannah Lundin’s favorite past gift was a “fake miniature horse that was life size. It was sitting there with a big red bow and it was the coolest thing as a kid.”

Senior Kristen Perron simply enjoyed getting her phone for Christmas.

Freshman Jonathan Khadivi’s favorite was his Xbox.

Senior Olivia Walter received a mini book from her best friend, entitled “Why You’re My Best Friend,” which contained hand written notes from the friend, describing little things that made them best friends.

Senior Luke Williamson got a cool bike in second grade.

Freshman Brynne Wardell once got a vacation to North Carolina for Christmas.