Book Review: Clockwork Princess

Lizzy Lamm

Book: Clockwork Princess

Author: Cassandra Clare

Rating: 10/10

Price: $14.92 hardcover from Barnes and Noble

Clockwork Princess in the final book in the trilogy, The Infernal Devices, which is the prequel series to the popular Mortal Instruments series. It takes place in 1800’s London, where a girl named Tessa Gray travels there from New York to live there with her brother. She arrives to find her brother missing, and is taken captive by the Dark Sisters, who work for the Pandemonium Club, a downworlder cooperation. Tessa learns that she herself is a downworlder with the rare ability of being able to transform into other people. She also discovers that the Magister, the sinister downworlder who runs the Club, wants Tessa’s power for himself. Tessa finds refuge from the Dark Sister and the Magister at the Institute, joining forces with the shadowhunters, and finds herself torn by love for both Will and James.

The third book finds Tessa and Shadowhunters of the London Institute facing an enemy by the name of Mortmain, who is creating an army of automatons in order to destroy the shadowhunters. When she is captured by Mortmain, the shadowhunters rush to her aid, but Tessa finds that perhaps the only person that can save her is herself.


I waited a long time until I could read this book, and was finally able to get my hands on it over the summer. The wait was definitely worth it. Every single page was packed with action and suspense. I was definitely not expecting the ending, and I literally started crying when I read the epilogue. This book was absolutely amazing! I would recommend this trilogy to anyone who has already read the Mortal Instruments series, and even anybody who has not read it yet can read this trilogy because it’s a prequel. There are a ton of references in the Infernal Devices trilogy and you will see that Cassandra Clare makes connections to characters and other references that appear in the Mortal Instruments series.