Choir sets sights on Regionals

Lauren Kriss

On Sept. 29 CPHS choir hosted and competed in the district level of All-State Auditions. The choir dominated. Out of over 600 other choir students, T-wolves earned 26 of the possible 40 individual spots on the District Choir.

First year choir member sophomore Lennie Oas was anxious for her first ever district audition.

“Auditions are pretty nerve racking,” Oas said. “After you do group warm ups, there isn’t really more time to sing until your audition, so that’s hard.”

During a solo audition, there is a partition concealing the judges. The judges cannot see the contestants and only identify them by their assigned number. The only thing they can judge is the sound.  Second year choir member sophomore Chai Murthy knows what judges expect.

“Judges look for good musicality,” Murthy said. “Being able to stay on tempo is key.”

This year marks Murthy’s second district audition. The Seasons choir member attributes her very first win to lots of practice.

“We actually got work on the music in class, which is helpful,” she said.

Murthy and the rest of the choir will be practicing even more for regional auditions on Oct. 30 at Westwood High School. The choir will be learning the four audition pieces in class and at sectionals before and after school two days a week. Murthy appreciates all the extra practice, because regionals won’t be easy.

“There’s going to be a lot of tough competition,” Murthy said. “Especially since this is my first year competing, and for some girls it’s their fourth.”

Choir Members competing at Regionals:

  • Leslie Bonordon
  • Ryan Cave
  • Matthew Cloward
  • Julian Combs
  • Meg Groves
  • Sarah Hines
  • Ethan How
  • Victoria Hutchings
  • Ben Jackson
  • Kevin Kenny
  • Heidi Klein
  • Sally Kwon
  • Alex Langois
  • Meagan Marwitz
  • Marcus McCrae
  • Chai Murthy
  • Lauren Parks
  • Bradley Ronk
  • Paige Seuthe
  • Donelvan Thigpen
  • Christian Vargas
  • Chris Washington
  • India Westenhaver
  • Lydia Williamson
  • Dayton Young
  • Joseph Yuen