Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood attack

Jake Herrick, Reporter

The abortion clinic shooting that left police officer Garrett Swasey, Army veteran Ke’Arre Marcell Stewart and mother Jennifer Markovsky dead, along with nine other people injured. The abortion clinic workers and owners blame the hateful rhetoric of ‘pro-lifers’ for the attack. However, the shooter, Robert Dear, has little connection with the mainstream pro-life movement. Dear supposedly had been diagnosed with severe mental health problems years before the attack, though Dear legally owned 10 guns, including rifles and handguns. Many news stations have overlooked this event, as it was overshadowed by the deadly San Bernardino shooting, and the attack has spurred little dialogue outside of Colorado.

On Nov. 27, Dear set up around the Colorado Springs abortion clinic, piling propane tanks by the door and initiating an hour long standoff with police after he had already killed three and injured nine. After his arrest Dear exclaimed “no more baby parts,”said one of the officers. During his court hearing, Dear made 17 individual outbursts, according to Newsweek, one of which was “I am a warrior for the babies. Seal the truth. Kill the babies. That’s what Planned Parenthood does.”

Ironically, Dear shouted into the courtroom: “You’ll never know the amount of blood I saw in that place.”

Dear’s ex-wife was a ferocious anti-abortionist, who vandalized several abortion clinics years earlier, though never to the extent that Dear had.

Dear eventually admitted to his guilt in court, however trails still continue.

Back in Colorado Springs, pro-lifers rally in prayer circles in solemn remembrance for the lives lost in the attack on the abortion clinic. However, a week after the shooting citizens have taken up posters condemning the clinic.