Content Creators of Cedar Park – Jessica Mick


Houston Fuller, Reporter

With the internet and online media being a huge part of many people’s lives, it might be easy to forget that actual people are creating the content you consume on a daily basis. I was able to interview Jessica Mick, a Youtuber here at CPHS about her inspirations and advice for fellow content creators. “I initially found inspiration from Youtubers I watched and I tried to sort of emulate some of their videos and make them in my own way, but I also find a lot of inspiration from things i’m currently interested in,” Mick said. “I love doing seasonal or holiday videos or things that are just relevant to my life and my peers lives.” Mick’s channel, All That Jess, contains various videos ranging from Vlogs, DIY’s, and Beauty videos. Being a content creator can be hard when you are putting something out there for the entire world to see. Mick shared some tips she has for anyone wanting to create content for the internet. “My advice to anyone wanting to create content for the internet is to not worry about what anyone else thinks,” Mick said. “The internet can be daunting sometimes for people who want to share their videos or other content, but if it’s something you’re passionate about, it’s always going to be worth it. The result is so much more satisfying than what anyone could say or think about you” Jessica Mick