Creative writing comes back to Cedar Park


Avery Deen

Students learn how to edit their creative writing works.

Avery Deen, Reporter

The creative writing class is often overlooked in the course catalog. Many students are under the impression that the course is not available, and are shocked when they meet someone in the class.

“Students who want to take a course like creative writing need to express that interest to their counselors so a demand for it is created,” creative writing teacher Michelle Iskra said. “Without a demand, the class will not be formed.”

The course targets many areas of writing. Story structure, how to make interesting and relatable characters, good writing habits and much more.

“We consider the ideas famous writers have about writing – practice, attitudes – and attempt to integrate some of that advice into our own writing lives,” Iskra said. “The idea is that if you study a master, you can begin a path to mastery.”

Like many of the writers in this class, sophomore Erica Hausmann enjoys the freedom given to them when writing.

“I really like the free writes we do at the beginning of each class,” Hausmann said. “It’s interesting to see what I can come up with on short notice.”

Many students are working on their own novels or short stories outside of class, like Senior Dylan Young. They are hoping to use the skills they learn here to better their work.

“I’ve always liked creative writing,” Young said. “I want to learn things that will help me with my writing outside of this class. I’m working on a novel, though right now I’m just brainstorming.”

Young says he hopes to turn in a few chapters of this novel for his semester project.
“I secretly hope each year that I’ll have the opportunity to teach creative writing again because, as a writer myself, I love helping other writers,” Iskra said.