DEN controversy: What side are you on?


Emilee Guernsey

Sophomore Landon Spradling looks at the DEN portal to figure out what class he wants to be scheduled in. “I wish we would have had DEN every day,” Spradling said. “I love being able to have my own time during the school day.”

Emilee Guernsey, Reporter

As the second semester begins, many may hear the word “DEN” floating around the halls. Principal John Sloan has decided not to have DEN every day for the second semester. This has caused mixed opinions from many students and teachers.

The majority of underclassmen were very excited to have the opportunity of getting homework or other classwork done in the 40 minutes that DEN allows, while many seniors were not pleased to have DEN every day, such as Caroline Metcalf.

“I’m the kind of person who does their homework at home, so during DEN I didn’t really have anything to do,” Metcalf said. “It also messed up the bell schedule and I didn’t like the hassle of changing DENs if you needed to go somewhere else.”

Sloan believes that since the seniors have so much on their plate right now, changing a school schedule in the middle of the year would not go over very well.

“We will try to get DEN every day up and running next fall semester,” Sloan said. “The teachers and I thought ‘why rush it and push it on everyone in the middle of the year.’”

The majority of students believe that the seniors are to blame for the DEN upset, but according to Sloan, multiple peoples protested the idea.

“It was a combination of students and teachers that were against the idea of my DEN proposition,” Sloan said. “Even some of the community put in their input.”

Although the DEN subject may seem black and white, there are people on the fence. Cheryl Collins, ninth grade English teacher, is one of those people who can’t choose a side.

“I feel like if Den is used correctly, it will help very much. It’s a very good idea to have it every day,” Collins said. “The only problem I can see with it is that some students don’t use it to their advantage, and if they aren’t using it properly, it is a waste of time.”

An argument that sophomore Allie Landwermeyer brought up was that even though some students may not use it to their advantage, DEN has been said to be “students time”, so why does it matter what students do during that time?

“I think it’s unfair that students aren’t having the chance for DEN everyday just because seniors don’t want it,” Landwermeyer said. “It would be so helpful. Even to just get a little break out of school day to rest.”

As the argument continues, everyone should know that Den everyday will not be happening this semester. But it will for sure be something seen next fall semester.