Girls basketball goes to playoffs

Zach DiShiano

     The 2010 season has been nothing short of magnificent for the Lady Timberwolves basketball team. Although it’s not over, starting the season with 29 wins is a remarkable accomplishment for anyone. The girls are currently ranked 34 in the state and are in the top 250 in the nation, beating their opponents by about 18 points a game.

     “This year we have a unique and special team,” Jenna Mistler, junior forward, said. “We are all talented and very knowledgeable of the game and we know how to play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Plus, we are all close with one another and enjoy being around each other. We always have a fun time together.”

     This year has been a special year for the girls as they got to do something that has never happened before. In mid-December the Lady Timberwolves played the Australian National team and dominated them, 71-43.

     “It was very cool and fun because we have never done anything like that before,” Falyn Meyers, junior guard, said.

     After the game against the Australian National Junior Olympic Team, the girls won nine out of the following ten games. The Lady Timberwolves really hit their stride in district, winning 10 out of 12 games with their only losses coming from the eleventh best team in the state, the Georgetown Eagles. The girls have a history of tough games against Georgetown, and this year they continued to struggle against the local powerhouse.

     “Every time we play Georgetown we just can’t pull out a win,” Madi Hess, junior point guard, said. “It’s not that we aren’t prepared, it’s just we can’t do what we are told for some reason.”

     Despite their struggles against Georgetown, the Lady Timberwolves have seen great success against their other opponents. Their only other two losses came from non-district opponents in two different tournaments. Not only do the girls win their games, they’ve been winning by huge margins. Of their 29 wins so far, only four of them have been by single digits. Even with their high scoring and number of wins, the Timberwolves are underrated in the state rankings.

     “We are ranked higher than the past years and have a better record, but we have no big wins which is keeping us from being ranked higher than we should be,” Meyers said.

      The girls have done a great job of staying focused, and they give most of their credit to their head coach, Mark Meyers.

     “Coach Meyers goes above and beyond to keep us on track and focused,” Jordan Sees, junior power forward, said. “He has our practices planned before the week even starts and he spends more time on basketball than he does anything else. He is an awesome coach and he takes very good care of us.”

     He also takes care of business, as he has won 61 games with only ten losses in the past two years at CPHS. Unfortunately, the team was stopped in their tracks by Cypress Creek in the first round. The girls fought hard and played a tough game, but they just could not come out on top as they fell to Cypress 62-58. The girls had a spectacular season, and next year they’ll look to go further into the playoffs and even bring home a state championship.