Guard Takes on World for First Time

Deana Trautz, Reporter

The color guard traveled 1,168 miles last Wednesday as they made their way to the World Color Guard Championship in Dayton, Ohio. It was the first time they competed in this international competition and they scored 83.1 out of 100 points and placed 37 out of 59 guards.

Those who compete in the competition do not come by invitation, but instead because they believe they are ready to compete on the global level.

“We decided to go to worlds in the beginning of the first semester because we saw the remarkable skill that we had, and knew that this was the best color guard we’ve ever seen at CPHS,” junior guard captain Ally Hall said. “It would have been a shame to waste it and not present ourselves in an international level.”

Sophomore Danielle Natera says that having more time to practice this season made a significant impact on their performances and readiness.

“[Having more practice time] helped us to get our show done quickly so that we were able to implement ideas that would make the show truly special,” Natera said.

The guard worked since December on their performance and was just .2 points away from moving on to the semi-finals round. 

“We’re a really good guard when you factor in our location, support of our guard, and how long we’ve been a group,” sophomore guard member Lexie Stewart said. “There is still so much space to grow.

Hall says that going to Worlds has been something she has worked towards since middle school and she is proud to have gone with her guard this year.

“I’m incredibly proud of the growth I’ve seen in our color guard just within the past year, and being able to go to Dayton, Ohio for the biggest event in color guard was the topper on the cake,” Hall said. “I’ve been wanting to go to the world championships since I joined guard in seventh grade, so I’m thrilled I got to enjoy it with this year’s incredible group of performers and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next year.”