Inside Argyle Cactus


Members of Argyle Cactus perform at the annual Talent Show on April 24. Photo by Alex Sullivan

Lauren Kriss

At the Talent Show on April 24 Argyle Cactus caught the attention of Cedar Park despite getting shut out of the top three by songstress junior Jessica Holcomb, defending champion violinist sophomore Charlie Hooper and Black Tea ft Dave Hawks.

The band, consisting of juniors Blake Rice, Carter Seuthe, Devin Pitts and Nick Jacobson, rocked out so hard an amp came unplugged. Twice.

When asking around about what type of music Argyle Cactus performs, it becomes apparent that nobody knows how to describe it, but Pitts thinks he puts it best.

“Our music is like the ugly stepbrother of the baby of The Bright Light Social Hour, the Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, and Morning Teleportation,” Pitts said.

The guys cultivate their sound at weekly jam sessions, said Rice.

“We try not to get too technical with it, or go for a certain thing,” Rice said. “It’s mostly improvised, we go with the ideas that come to us and then scratch most of them until we end up with something we like.”

The process doesn’t end there though.

“We tweak it forever,” Pitts said.

Along with their jam sessions, the band also plays house parties and occasional gigs at local bars, something they hope to do more of.

“We’re hoping to do a lot of gigging this summer,” Rice said.

Argyle Cactus has their eye on one gig in particular.

“The real goal is to play at South By Southwest next year,” Pitts said.

Until then, their self titled EP is set to release sometime this month. It will be available via iTunes and physical copies will be distributed by the members of Argyle Cactus.