Thin Mints:

 An outstanding cookie. The most light and airy of them all, it has a nice layer of chocolate that’s not too dense and heavy and the minty taste creates a lighter facade than what you would think. The cookie itself is soft and not too crunchy, and the chocolate dip is smooth and overall easy to eat in one sitting. Definitely one of my favorites, I rate it 9/10.

Caramel deLites: 

There is absolutely nothing in this cookie that makes me hate it. The toasted coconut on top mixed with the chocolate and caramel creates such a nice texture that is not too crunchy or chewy. The cookie itself is a ring of shortbread and the caramel cover helps it stay together so there is no worry of crumbling while holding it. As well as the taste being amazing, the cookie is really satisfying to look at, but trust me it’s so hard to resist. I rate this cookie 10/10.


This cookie was really disappointing in my opinion. I was so excited to try a replication of a s’more but it was really underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed eating this chocolatey cookie but it seemed as though it was just a graham cracker dipped in chocolate with the smallest bit of marshmallow underneath. To me it just was not as good as it could have been. I have nothing but sad words for this cookie. I rate it a 4/10. 


I really enjoyed eating this cookie. Normally the dry and brittleness would be a huge no from me, but this cookie was really nice and pleasuring to eat. It didn’t include anything such as peanut butter or chocolate to overwhelm you. It was just plain and simple. Think of it as a sort of tummy pleaser from all of the other sugary goodness. Overall I rate this classic a 4/10. 


This cookie was a bit interesting in my opinion. The lemon flavored icing on the back of the shortbread would be really delicious but it was overbearingly sweet and not as lemony as I would have liked it to be. The actual cookie was really hard and I was just not a fan. In addition though, the design on the front of the cookie was really cute and creative and the most decorated out of all the cookies. So prompts to you, Lemonades! I rate it a 3/10. 


 This cookie was really similar to both the lemonade and the trefoil, except for the chocolate plastered on the back, but taste wise it wasn’t much different. The chocolate was light and difficult to perceive, so I’m not sure what the concept was supposed to be. The front is really cool though because it depicts the words “Thank you!” in different languages, but besides that, this cookie is not very exciting. I rate it a 2/10. 

Peanut Butter Sandwiches: 

Somehow this cookie was a sandwich of sadness. I love peanut butter but this cookie was so dry and dense it was hard to enjoy without chasing it with two cups of water between every bite. The cookie itself is a mix between soft and a somewhat stale crunch, and it’s a but salty. The peanut butter sandwiched in between is thick and sickly sweet. I was sadly disappointed but they might be better dipped in milk. I rate it a 5/10. 

Peanut Butter Patties: 

Nothing could go wrong with this particular cookie. It is very similar to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in that it is a cookie with a dollop of peanut butter in the middle covered with chocolate, which is all of my favorite things combined in one. There is just enough peanut butter in the cookie to taste and it’s not too overwhelming. I personally love them dipped in milk so it becomes softer and not so crunchy. Overall I give this cookie an 8/10. 

Caramel Chocolate Chip: 

This cookie is the most revolting and awful cookie I have ever had the displeasure of feeding my taste buds. It looked like a rock with old chocolate chips in it and something I supposed was the caramel that looked like mold. The taste was sour and brittle, and once you put it in your mouth it clotted up and felt like you were eating sand. Needless to say this cookie never made it to my stomach and instead found a home in the trash can. I rate it a 0/10.