New dawn for Wolfcast

Savannah Burchfiel

The Wolfast’s transition from standard definition to high definition technology is currently underway. The broadcast team is currently updating their equipment with three studio cameras, eight portable cameras, a tricaster and cables in their effort to update the school’s technology.

The new equipment is being installed as a part of the initiative to transition to HD video for the entire school. Although the classroom TVs are not in HD, the new cameras will improve the resolution and the content by updating visuals for students and reducing editing time for producers.

 “The Wolfcast strives to give students the best possible product,” senior David Looney said.

Although the show won’t change, the behind-the-scenes effort will be revolutionized.

“New technology brings more possibilities, especially for sports,” Looney said. “Before, we had to watch the entire tape and click out highlights, leaving enormous backlogs.”

Sophomore Brianna Rey, a first-year Wolfcast member, works the tricaster for the station. With her position, Rey watches hours of footage to find the right excerpts to save.

“I’m most looking forward to using the new memory cards instead of tapes,” Rey said. “The worst part about using tapes was re-watching the entire game and ending up with corrupt footage.”

The new technology eliminates this process of filming, rewinding, re-watching and editing. The Wolfcast producers recently learned the ropes of HD filmography when a professional from a local news station made a visit prior to Shattered Dreams.

“We used Shattered Dreams as our testing ground,” Looney said. “This was our first experience delivering new things we might not have been able to provide before.”

Starting with Shattered Dreams, the Wolfpack began to incorporate their new technology. However, the switch is not immediate.

“We’re taking this conversion in steps,” Wolfcast advisor Jim Tarvin said. “Having a new full capacity and open interface would provide the whole school with new opportunities.”

These opportunities are the beginning of a new era for both watchers and producers of the Wolfcast.

“This is our new dawn,” Looney said.